2 April 2016

National Quality Registry for Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

  • Registry Manager: Örebro County Council
  • Registry Centre - affiliation: Registry Centre VGR
  • Start year: 2008
  • Classifications used: KVÅ, ICD10
  • This registry contains data on: Pharmaceuticals, Diagnoses, Interventions, Inpatient Care

Description of registry

The ECT Quality Registry was started in 2008 as a collaborative venture between clinically active and researching doctors and nurses in Örebro, Uppsala and Dalarna. More and more clinics have gradually joined and the registry now, with only a few exceptions, covers nearly all care units across the country. High-quality reported data and a high coverage rate are augmented by a regional organisation that collaborates with the clinics on reporting, interpretation and feedback.

Collected data is used for both operational monitoring and for research.

In order to use data from the quality registry as a basis for clinical improvement measures and operational development, a number of quality indicators have been outlined. These indicators are general and can be used by all units connected to the registry. The target levels can be customised for each unit.

The areas the ECT Quality Registry recommends for improvement measures, and from which the quality indicators have been taken, are:

  • Number of persons with severe to very severe inpatient-treated major depressive episodes who have received ECT treatment over the past 12 months
  • Number who receive ECT on established indicators
  • Number who have been monitored for symptoms with MADRS-S
  • Number who have been monitored for side effects/complications


The registry is intended to include all patients who have received ECT treatment. Approximately 4,000 patients a year.

Ages in the registry

All ages.

Coverage rate

About 90 percent.

Note: Variable lists are updated on a regular basis and should therefore be seen as preliminary. For the latest version, please contact the registry.

Category: Psychiatry

Certification level: 2

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