28 December 2016

Order the book about the Swedish Quality Registries

Here you can order the book National Quality Registries in Swedish Health Care. It describes what quality registries are, how they came into being and their connection with knowledge management.

Order the book National Quality Registries in Swedish Health Care

About the book

There is also an overview of Swedish registry operations and how the National Quality Registries are used in improvement work and operational management, and descriptions of how quality registries form the basis for research and what individual employees need to bear in mind when using quality indicators.

Book cover of National Quality Registries in Health Care

One chapter deals with how patients are involved in registry work, while others illustrate the importance of good data quality and complying with the legal regulations in connection with quality registries.

Modern quality registries are IT based, and the book touches upon a number of the limitations and opportunities that this involves, while the concluding chapter addresses the role of quality registries in teaching, including examples of how Swedish registry players can work ‘hand-in-hand’ with each other.

Indeed, working ‘hand-in-hand’ to improve care is what registry operations are all about. When employees and patients report data, this provides the basis for local improvement work, while at the same time aggregated data can be used for operational management, knowledge management and research.

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Authors: Gunilla Jacobsson Ekman, Bertil Lindahl, Annika Nordin, Kjell Asplund, Mats Bojestig, Linus di Zazzo, Bodil Klintberg, Margareta Kristenson, Evalill Nilsson, Anette Petersson, Hanna Sjöberg, Jan-Erik Synnerman, Johan Thor, Fredrik Westander, Staffan Winter

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