3 December 2019
Prenumerera på information från Nationella Kvalitetsregister

Swedish National Quality Registries

The english pages are under re-construction. Please check the swedish pages to find each register and their contact persons.

For matters about international collaboration or science, see contact below.

A system of more than a hundred National Quality Registries provide the Swedish health care system with a unique opportunity to monitor quality and results.

The registries contain individualized data about medical interventions, procedures and outcomes. They are integrated into clinical workflows and have the capacity to generate data in real time.

Each registry is supported by an organisation of health care professionals and patient representatives. They are jointly responsible for developing the registry.

National Quality Registries contribute to Sweden´s strong position on health care results. Sweden has among the best survival rates after heart attack, stroke, breast- and colorectal cancer. Sweden is also a leader in the areas of acute cardiac care, diabetes care and hip replacement surgery.

The registries also contribute to innovative eHealth services, patient-centred approaches and decision support functionalities, as well as IT development and integration.

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