5 December 2019
Prenumerera på information från Nationella Kvalitetsregister

National Quality Registers for ear, nose and throat care (OtoRhinoLaryngology)

  • Registry Manager: Lars Lundman
  • Registry Centre - affiliation: Registry Centre Västra Götaland
  • Start year: 1994 - 2011
  • Classifications used:

Description of registry

Ear, nose and throat care (OtoRhinoLaryngology) includes both surgical and medical interventions, large and small volumes, various ages, and outpatient and inpatient care. The registry reflects the diversified areas of the specialty – everything from the process of auditory rehabilitation to symptom relief through tonsil surgery.

The quality registry registers nine important processes for the patient, which in many cases are cost-driving volume measures. Key indicators registered include diagnostic and therapeutic measures, patient benefit and interventions for the rehabilitation of chronic conditions.

The aim of the quality registry is to, through data collection and analysis, contribute to operational development, improved patient safety and better conditions for equitable care throughout the country. The methods for this vary between the different sub-registries.

Note: Variable lists are updated on a regular basis and should therefore be seen as preliminary. For the latest version, please contact the registry.

Category: Other areas

Certification level: 2

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