8 August 2019
Prenumerera på information från Nationella Kvalitetsregister

National Quality Registry for Amputation and Prostheses (SwedAmp)

  • Registry Manager: Region Skåne
  • Registry Centre - affiliation: Registry Centre South
  • Start year: 2010
  • Classifications used: ISO standards
  • This registry contains data on: Diagnoses, Interventions, Inpatient Care, PROM or other patient-reported health effects, Risk Factors, Follow-up Data 3-5 months after the case is registered in the registry, Follow-up Data 6-11 months after the case is registered in the registry, Follow-up Data 12 months or later after the case is registered in the registry

Description of registry

The purpose of this registry is to generate data for the objective evaluation of factors leading to amputation, to register amputation incidence and complications, amputation position, prosthetic fitting and rehabilitation, and to evaluate the patient’s situation before and after amputation.

  • To provide a coherent view of the amputation panorama and its consequences, which is not possible solely on the basis of data from the impatient registry.
  • To demonstrate differences in care during amputation, prosthetic fitting and rehabilitation (indications, frequency, treatment strategy, amputation position, healing level and prosthesis accessibility).
  • To provide data for cost analyses at regional and national levels.
  • To provide guidance in the planning and treatment for individual patients at risk for amputation.
  • To provide data for the evaluation of prosthetic fitting, rehabilitation, and of the components of the prosthesis.
  • To provide data for feedback and improvement measures throughout the continuum of care.


All amputation procedures on the lower extremities are monitored throughout the continuum of care, from surgery and prosthetic fitting, to rehabilitation and follow-up. Approximately 3,500 procedures on about 2,900 patients a year.

Ages in the registry

All ages.

Total volume of registry

477 registrations.

Volume over the past operating year


Coverage rate

In 2012, the rate of coverage was 29 percent.

Note: Variable lists are updated on a regular basis and should therefore be seen as preliminary. For the latest version, please contact the registry.

Category: Musculoskeletal system

Certification level: 3

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