21 February 2020
Prenumerera på information från Nationella Kvalitetsregister

National Quality Registry for Corneal Transplant

  • Registry Manager: Region Blekinge
  • Registry Centre - affiliation: Registry Centre Syd
  • Start year: 1996
  • Classifications used: Does not use any classification
  • This registry contains data on: Diagnoses, Intervention, PROM or other patient-reported health effects, Risk Factors, Follow-up Data 12 months or later after the case is registered in the registry

Description of registry

The Swedish Registry for Corneal Transplant is one three registries in the world that registers the results of corneal transplantations. Corneal diseases are a major cause of blindness worldwide, and for many people a corneal graft is the only way to restore their vision.

The objective of this registry is to collect and analyse data on factors affecting the results after transplants. Based on these analyses, selection criteria, surgical techniques and postoperative treatments can be modified to continually improve results. The initial status, including risk factors, is recorded at the time of surgery. At a follow-up two years after the surgery, data is registered describing the outcome, complications, etc.


Patients who have undergone corneal transplantations in Sweden.

Ages in the registry

All ages.

Total volume of registry

Since the start of the registry, corneal transplants have been performed on about 500 patients a year in Sweden. This figure has risen to about 600 in recent years. About 90 percent have been registered in the registry (nearly 100 percent in recent years).

Volume over the past operating year


Coverage rate

Registration at the time of surgery: 95 percent. Registration at two-year follow-up: 95 percent.

References on validations


Note: Variable lists are updated on a regular basis and should therefore be seen as preliminary. For the latest version, please contact the registry.

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