18 February 2020
Prenumerera på information från Nationella Kvalitetsregister

National Quality Registry for Vascular Surgery (Swedvasc)

  • Registry Manager: Region Uppsala
  • Registry Centre - affiliation: Uppsala Clinical Research Center (UCR)
  • Start year: 1987
  • Classifications used: KKÅ97 / NCSP 96
  • This registry contains data on:
    • Diagnoses and classification of disease.
    • Risk factors, comorbidity, medication and patient reported health quality are registered preoperatively and at 1 and 12 months follow-up.
    • Intervention type (open/endovascular), methods and materials.
    • Complications at follow-up

Description of registry

 The National Quality Registry for Vascular Surgery was started in 1987 and achieved nationwide coverage in 1994. Swedvasc registers data on production, risk factors, medication, outcome and complications related to vascular surgery interventions in Sweden.


 Patients subject to peripheral vascular surgery which covers diseases and injuries in the arteries and veins (heart and CNS excluded). Vascular surgery interventions consist of catheter-based procedures and open surgery.
The main areas are procedures for carotid artery stenosis, aortic aneurysm and circulatory problems in the legs.

Ages in the registry

All ages.

Volume over the past operating year

Approximately 10 000 vascular procedures per year.

Coverage rate

Carotid surgery 97 percent.

Aortic surgery 95 percent (EVAR 82 percent)

Intervention to leg arteries 87 percent (surgery 64 percent)

References on validations

  1. Bergqvist D et al. Auditing surgical outcome: ten years with the Swedish Vascular Registry - Swedvasc. Eur J Surg Supply 1998: 3-8
  2. Kragsterman B, Pärsson H, Bergqvist D, Björck M. Outcomes of carotid endarterectomy for asymptomatic stenosis in Sweden are improving– results from a population based registry. J Vasc Surg 2006; 44: 79-85.
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Note: Variable lists are updated on a regular basis and should therefore be seen as preliminary. For the latest version, please contact the registry.

Category: Circulatory system

Certification level: 1

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