14 October 2016
Prenumerera på information från Nationella Kvalitetsregister

Roles and responsibilities

These are the roles and responsibilites within the National Quality Registry sphere.

Registrar and steering committee (registry organization)

Runs and develops the registry and is responsible for the professional anchoring of the registry. They have good knowledge of the registry and its use. The registrar should be affiliated with the CPUA authority as an employee or as a “dependent contractor.”

Central personal data authority

The healthcare authority responsible for the processing of personal data at the central registry level in a quality registry. This includes decisions on the disclosure of registry data. The CPUA may have delegated responsibilities relating to the administration of personal data in a registry to the registrar or another person.

Regional registry centre and regional cancer centre

Provides advice and assistance to the National Quality Registries at start-up, development and operation. The centres may, following approval by the CPUA/registry, handle data extraction on behalf of the registry.

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